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Personal injury solicitors Swindon offer a No Win No fee Service for our clients. This service is offered to you after the initial consultation and not everyone is eligible. It is decided after your claim success rate is worked out. This is done when you speak to one of our team for a no obligation discussion about moving forward with your personal injury compensation claim.

No Win No Fee* Solicitors In Swindon

The success rate is built up through a number of factors and we used past and present data compiled by industry’s bodies and our solicitors to work this out. When you get in touch with us for your initial discussion you will tell us about your claim. We will then build up a picture of the likeliness of your claim being successful if we can we will then be able to offer you a No Win No fee* Swindon agreement.

Once your No Win No fee* agreement has been decided we will take out an insurance policy called after the event insurance. This protect you the client but ensures that we also are not at a loss if your claim is unsecsfull. If your claim is to be unsecsfull then the fees will be paid via the insurance policy. What this also does is means you do not have to put more money on the line in the hope you will receive a return in the form of compensation. This is offered because we know that since your personal injury you would already have been effected financially and we do not want to put any more stress on you financially.

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What Do I Pay If No Win No Fee* Lawyers Swindon Win My Case

If your case is successful then there is a success fee and pays for our fees and charges. This is only paid when your claim is successful. This will be discussed with you when you are dealing with your personal injury solicitor for Swindon.

Many of our clients choose to use the No Win No fee* Swindon service when offered because it stops them from having to pay for costs as the claim for compensation is ongoing. We have been told by our clients that it gives them piece of mind at a time that they thought they would be having increased stress as they are working with us to get their compensation after their Personal injury or accident.

If you want to discuss No Win No fee* Swindon call us today and one of our team will be happy to help you and look into this option further after you have suffered a personal injury.

What Can No Win No Fee* Solicitors Swindon Help Me With

Our team of solicitors have experience in personal injury law and accidents that where not your fault. If you have been involved in an accident or injury that was not your fault and you believe that a personal injury solicitor for Swindon could help you call us today. We can then begin a no obligation consultation where we can review your claim. At this stage we will explain the  process to you in more detail so you have a good level of understanding before you begin your claim.

*other costs could be payable